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Apparel Autopilot

Automate the most painful parts of running a fashion company using artificial intelligence. Focus on what sets you apart - strategy and creativity


Apparel Autopilot

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Fashion AI recommendations

Recommend products based on what they LOOK like, instead just by who bought them together. Unlike AI for movie & music, ours can SEE apparel


Forecast Demand

Know what to replenish, and what to buy based on forecast simulations. Get better products to sell over time. Improve margin

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Works on new products

Works without order history, gets better over time. Automate using your virtual assistant


Increase revenue by 20%

Convert more users, and buy better inventory.

We bring years of retail machine learning experience to automate your biggest pain points with customer retention.

Movie, music and other (e.g. Amazon) recommendations are product agnostic. But you know that fashion is different.

  • Products change all the time. History is not as useful as it would be for a typical retailer

  • Unlike other products, Fashion has limited inventory

  • Seasonality changes, so what the algorithm learned about the customer in October is not useful in July

  • Global trends can upend it all

We use the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to bring you recommendations made specifically for apparel. Our neural nets look at your inventory to understand what to sell it with, and optimize automatically over time.

We use third party data to keep abreast of seasonality and trends. We automatically course correct if something pops up.

Works for new products

Traditional recommenders need products to have some orders before they can work. That does not work well in Fashion, where products go in and out of vogue.

Our algorithms "see" the garment and combine with order history of similar garments you have sold in the past. This means that new products will show up with related product recommendations immediately.

What do you need to buy to get better

We also project your demand. This helps with planning and negotiating better deals with your suppliers. Our advanced plan gives you detailed breakdown by product type. This is helpful in buying into new product types for the next season.

Automate the most painful parts of running a fashion company, and focus on what you are best at - strategy and creativity.

Install today. You will wonder how you did without your intelligent assistant


Integrates with Shopify

Automate your backoffice

No more fighting spreadsheets and disparate systems

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See it in action

Demo of a example store