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Launch your Direct to Consumer startup

You have an impeccable sense of style

Your frenemies ask you for fashion advice

You live by the gram

You are creative

Launch your direct to consumer startup and let us automate the backend. Build a relationship with your users. We will help you set up your website, eCommerce platform and automate the inventory.

Do what you’re great at - creative vision and strategy. Leave the backend to our Fashion AI.

What you do

Launch your website

choose clothes from a huge inventory


Our software automates all the backend operations


What we do

  • Create and launch your business ($1,000 setup fees + domain name registration cost)

  • Fashion AI recommends clothes to your customers to convert them at 20% higher rate than they would without

  • Demand forecasting software tells you what products you will run out of and how to plan for new launches

  • Buying AI helps you figure out if you should add a new dress to your site and recommends automatically

    Congratulations! Your business is now on autopilot where your AI assistant will update you when your business needs your attention

How it works

  1. If you qualify, we work with you to create your website and brand.

  2. You choose clothes from our huge inventory.

  3. LAUNCH! Tell your friends, post on social media…. make the business grow.

  4. We take care of the logistics.

  5. Our software gives you insights on what you should buy next and how you should price it.



The cost of your domain name + $1,000 setup fees + 20% of all transactions.

The business is yours - the sales as well the cost of buying inventory and shipping.

We invest in your success.

So what are you waiting for?